3D Redshift Space Visualization

In the spring of 1994, I did a 3D visualization of the distribution of galaxies in redshift space, together with Lars Lindberg Christensen and Michael J. D. Linden-VÝrnle, under the supervision of Ňke Nordlund (as part of the 3dvis course). The main result was a quite cool video, lasting about 6 minutes, with soundtrack by the Art of Noise ("Love", from the Daft CD).

A report describing the video and how it was made is available in the following formats:

Since the video is not available on the net, the report is really the thing to look at! The MPEGs/Quicktimes below cover only a small part of the video, and the quality is not good.

The project was further developed by Lars as part of his Master's thesis. See also the Large Scale Structure WWW Page.

This image (JPEG, 118 k) shows the galaxies in the northern CfA slice, rendered as polygon spheres instead of points, using one of the Silicon Graphics computers at TAC. I made the image after we had finished the video. The large number of polygons made it impossible to rotate this 3D object in real time.

Movies of the alpha tour (experimental, and not very impressive):

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