Tobias Cornelius Hinse (tchinse "at"

Last update: 31. January 2017

Scientific interests:

  • Solar System physics, planet dynamics and numerical celestial mechanics.
  • Numerical N-body simulations and planet formation.
  • Stability of telluric planets within the habitable zone in extrasolar planetary systems.
  • Observation and astrometry of minor planet and satellites in the Solar System.
  • Dynamical aspects of giant planet irregular satellites.
  • Modeling circumbinary light-travel time effect and dynamics/stability of circumbinary planetary systems.
  • Observations and modeling of transiting extra-solar planets.
  • Detection of additional extrasolar planets via TTV/TDV.
  • Observation of extrasolar planets using the microlensing technique, gravitational microlensing within the PLANET/MiNDSTEp collaboration.

    --- Artist/fictious view of the setting of a binary pair as seen from Koko Head on Oahu, Hawaii (looking towards Diamond Head) ---

    Advisors/collaboration partners:
    K. Gozdziewski, Lee J. W., N. Haghighipour, Lee C.-U., J. Horner, Prof. Kim C.-H., U. G. Joergensen, M. Bailey, K. Harpsoe, S. Mikkola, R. Michelsen, J. Southworth, D. Asher, A. (Tolis) A. Christou and A. Erikson.
    Latest News:
    Latest News

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