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My main interests are within celestial mechanics and the properties of Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs, also known as Near-Earth Objects, NEOs). NEAs are a group of asteroids with orbits taking them close to Earth. They originate in the asteroid Main Belt located between Mars and Jupiter. Due to their occasional collision with the Earth, NEAs are ill-famed for their close approaches to Earth and the subsequent discussions on how to mitigate the impact threat. However, NEAs also the source of meteorites as we find them on Earth, and much can be learned about the present and past state of the Solar System by studying the mineralogical composition from spectroscopic measurements, rotational periods from photometry, and dynamics from orbit simulations.

I further have a background within space operations and ground segments, space instrumentation and project management.

My current whereabouts are:

1) Project Management unifying technical requirements, processes and people into one delivery
2) Near-Earth Asteroid (NEAs) - spectroscopy and taxonomic classification
3) Issues and advisory concerning the strategies for search and handling of Near-Earth Asteroids

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