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LaTeX2HTML bugs and peculiarities

  During my work with LaTeX2HTML, I have found some things that causes errors in different ways, and which can be very time consuming to solve. For the interested reader, they are listed here, together with solutions / workarounds:

Tilde in URL:
To make a hyperlink to a URL that has a tilde in it, one should write ``~'' as ``\~{}'', e.g.
	\htmladdnormallinkfoot{my Web page}
Tilde in URL for tex2html_wrap_inline310 htmladdimg:
The above only works for \htmladdnormallink and
\htmladdnormallinkfoot, not for \htmladdimg. I have not found any way to make
\htmladdimg use a URL with a tilde in it. A workaround is to use the following instead:
	<img src="">
Note, that when using the rawhtml environment, a tilde should (of course) just be written as a tilde.
Underscore in URL:
To make a hyperlink to a URL that has an underscore in it, one should write ``_'' as ``\_'', e.g.
Comments not allowed certain places:
The following will give the error ``Runaway argument?'':
	\begin{rawhtml} % bar
	\end{rawhtml} % bar
The workaround is not to place comments (i.e. ``% bar'' in the example) right there.
Getting text centered also in the HTML version:
For some reason, LaTeX2HTML seems to ignore the center command when making the HTML version. A workaround is:
	Here goes the text to be centered.

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