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a/M varies (3rd example)

Now we start the photon in the equatorial plane somewhat closer to the center, tex2html_wrap_inline292 = tex2html_wrap_inline1222 , but now with with initial direction perpendicular to the radial direction, and against the direction of the black hole, tex2html_wrap_inline296 = (0,0,-0.01).

We integrate the geodesic equation in 300 steps, using a step size tex2html_wrap_inline300 = 0.20

In this movie, we again vary the rotation parameter a/M from 0.00 (no rotation) to 1.00 (the most extreme rotation possible).

One sees, how the geodesics is dragged around with space-time.

The IDL script is mf_03.

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Web Exhibition: Null Geodesics Around a Kerr Black Hole

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