Properties of E and S0 Galaxies
in the Clusters HydraI and Coma

Bo Milvang-Jensen

Master's Thesis, University of Copenhagen, July, 1997

PDF: Milvang-Jensen, B. 1997, Master's Thesis, University of Copenhagen (17 Mbyte)

Inger Jørgensen (McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin)
Leif Hansen (University of Copenhagen)

The PDF file above was added in June 2012; the rest of the page was last updated in 1999.

Note: The unpublished data presented in the thesis may not be used without prior consent from Bo Milvang-Jensen and Inger Jørgensen. This goes both for the HydraI data and the Coma data.

The entire thesis is available electronically in the following two versions:

Hard copy like (PostScript + more)
The entire hard copy version of my thesis (except for the front page) was printed from a single PostScript file made by dvips from the LaTeX source code. Below this file has been split up in four pieces. Note for Netscape users: The files can be saved directly to disk by pressing shift + left mouse button.

Contents Pages Uncompressed gzip'ed Notes
The main text 0-132 7.1 Mbyte 2.0 Mbyte Contains dummy front page
Appendix A-D 133-212 6.4 Mbyte 1.5 Mbyte  
Appendix E 213-250 71.2 Mbyte 26.5 Mbyte  
Appendix F 251-267 4.4 Mbyte 1.5 Mbyte  

The front page was made using PhotoShop (courtesy Lars C) and printed separately. It is available on the web in JPEG (372 kbyte, 1049 pixels × 1474 pixels) and PDF (89 kbyte). The front page shows a mosaic of the 35 HydraI fields which contain the 64 program galaxies. These 35 fields are also shown in Appendix E. The 8 fields without program galaxies are not shown (they probably should have been, it would have looked nicer).

22-Feb-1999: The uncompressed PostScript files are no longer offered. If you cannot use the gzip'ed ones, I'll be happy to provide you with uncompressed versions, just write me at

The LaTeX source code of my thesis was run through LaTeX2HTML (version 98.1) to produce a hypertext version. Note, that the LaTeX source code was not written with the intent of producing a hypertext version, so there are several things that could have been smarter, for example the references could have been hyperlinks. Warning: the large amount of inlined images on some of the pages can cause some X-terminals to crash!

Update August 1998: now the figures in appendix E and F are no longer missing.

The abstract alone is available in PostScript and hypertext.

A preliminary version of part of my thesis work was presented as a poster at the Third ESO-VLT Workshop: Galaxy Scaling Relations. The poster in PostScript is available here.

A pretty picture:

This image (GIF, 770 kbyte) shows the central field in the Gunn r filter. The field size is 8.7' × 8.7'. The image size is 1024 pixels × 1024 pixels. North is down and east is to the right. The seeing is 0.8". The central galaxy is NGC3311 (R269), and the one to the left of it is NGC3309 (R256).
A version at half resolution (512 pixels × 512 pixels) (GIF, 194 kbyte) is also available.

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