Jacob Wang Clasen

(I since got a haircut and a new computer...)

Personal data:

Name: Jacob Wang Clasen Title: Software developer Email: jclasen@not.iac.es / jacob@astro.ku.dk Private: +34 922 43 76 67 Mobile: +34 619 27 47 50 Address: Camino Guillen, 2 El Llanito E-38710 Brena Alta Islas Canarias, Spain. Born: 31. july 1969. Spouse: NIL Children: NIL


I've graduated from Copenhagen Business College as bachelor in computer science (in danish "datamatiker"). But apart from that i'm a dedicated amateur astronomer. Along with mia@astro.ku.dk and soeren@astro.ku.dk and some other friends, I run the (legendary :-) ) observatory Boserup Amateur Observatory (or "BAO" in short) , which is located in the southern part of the island Sealand.

Current job

From August 28. 1996 to present date, I'm employed at the Nordic Optical Telescope / La Palma as technical support. My area of work is development of communication between the CCD camera program "BIAS" and the TCS system. Futhermore, there is some staff support of control software.

I was employed as software developer on the BFOSC, ALFOSC and HiRAC project, where i worked together with Jens Klougart and Michael Andersen. My contract ended on August 15. 1996.

Take a look at my CV (Postscript).

My current address is:

Address Nordic Optical Telescope
Apartado 474
E-38700 Santa Cruz de La Palma
Islas Canarias, Spain
Camino Guillen, 2
E-38710 Brena Alta
Telephone +34 922 405 660 (Telescope)
+34 922 425 473 (Sea level office)
+34 922 437 667 (Home)
+34 619 274 750 (GSM Mobile)
Fax +34 922 405 665 (Telescope)
+34 922 425 475 (Sea level office)
Email jacob@astro.ku.dk or
WWW http://www.astro.ku.dk/~jacob

I have a lot of projects that never seem to come to an end. These are described in the following section.

Images from La Palma

My Range Rover and the activities in the 4x4 club Birigoya

My RC Model Airplane

Boserup Amateur Observatory.

Some projects never ends.... This is apparently one of them. It would leed to far to describe the whole BAO story here. But i suggest you click on BAO some place in this page.

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