Curriculum Vitae

S. B. F. Dorch

Personal information
Full name:
Søren Bertil Fabricius Dorch
Date of birth:
April 10, 1971 (Brønshøj, Denmark)

1987: Public school 9. grade exam, Svebølle Skole (gpa. 9.2)
1990: Studentereksamen, Kalundborg Gymnasium (gpa. 8.2)
1993: B.Sc. in Physics, Copenhagen University (gpa. 10.80)
1995 (August 25): M.Sc. in Astronomy, Copenhagen University (thesis mark 13, gpa. 11.08)
1998 (December 19): Ph.D. in Physics, Copenhagen University
2004: Diploma in Higher Teaching Education, Copenhagen University

Post-graduate jobs
Oct. 1. 1995 -- Dec. 19. 1998:
Ph.D. grant at the Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics and Geophysics, Copenhagen University
Teaching: 840 hours of mandatory course teaching
Funding: faculty grant
Jan. 1. 1999 -- Apr. 30. 2002:
Post Doctoral Fellow at the Institute for Solar Physics, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Teaching: 5 weeks graduate course fall 2001 and observatory public outreach
Funding: EC's TMR category 30 ``European Solar Magnetometry Network''
May 1. 2002 -- May 31. 2002:
External teacher/lecturer at the Astronomical Observatory, Copenhagen University
Teaching: Teaching introductionary astronomy course (80 students)
Funding: full time, the Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics and Geophysics
June 5. 2002 -- Oct. 31. 2002:
Assistant professor at the Astronomical Observatory, Copenhagen University
Teaching: Astrophysical Virtual Observatory, e-learning
Funding: full time, Danish Center for Natural Science Didactics (DCN)
Jan. 1. 2003 -- Dec. 31 2004:
Assistant professor at the Astronomical Observatory, Copenhagen University
Teaching: 20%
Funding: full time, the Danish Natural Science Research Council's "Steno" research grant
Leave: Paternal leave November 21 - December 18 2003
Jan. 1. 2005 -- December 31. 2007:
Subject expert and researcher at the Danish National Library of Science
Affiliated to the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University
Jan. 1. 2008 -- :
Head of Section at the Faculty Library of Natural Science and Medicine, at Copenhagen University Library, The Royal Library
Manager of the CULIS Knowledge Center for Scholarly Communication, at Copenhagen University's Library and Information Service (CULIS)
Affiliated to the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University

Grants etc.
1995: Copenhagen University (Natural Science Faculty) 3 yrs. Ph.D. grant
1999: EC 5th framework (TMR): 728 kSEK (tax free) 3.25 yrs. post-doctoral research grant
2000: The Hierta-Retzius Foundation for Scientific Research (KVA): 25 kSEK
2000 - 2003: The Swedish National Allocations Committee: super-computing time (3 applications)
2002: The Danish Natural Science Foundation: 1.65 MDDK "Steno" 3 yrs. reseach grant

1994 - 1995: Student board member, Copenhagen University Observatory
1995 - 1998: Ph.D.-committee, The Niels Bohr Institute
1996: Local study council at the Copenhagen University Observatory
1996 - : Astronomical Student Association, Copenhagen University
1996 - : Danish Astronomical Society
2000 - : International Astronomical Union (IAU)
2004 - : The Planetary Society

2001: 2-day workshop on ``Astrophysical Flows and Magnetic Fields'', Stockholm Observatory
2006: Seminar 2006 on Open Access and the natural sciences, KUB Nord
2007: Seminar on Open Access 2007, The Royal Library
2008: CULIS conference on Scholarly Communication 2008, CULIS

Scientific invitations/visits
1996: Kiepenheuer Institut für Sonnenphysik, Germany, 1 week (Manfred Schüssler)
1996: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 1 week (Loukas Vlahos)
1996: Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Spain, 1 week (Fernando Moreno-Insertis)
1997: The Research Station for Astrophysics, Sweden, 2 months (Göran Scharmer)
2000: Institutt for Teoretisk Astrofysikk, Norway, 1 week (Mats Carlsson)
2002: The Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics and Geophysics, Denmark, 4 months (Åke Nordlund)
2002: Invited review, Santorini, Greece (IAU coll. 188, Euroconference)
2003: Invited participation, Meudon, Paris (CIAS workshop)

Main scientific collaborators
William P. Abbett, California (SSL)
Vasilis D. Archontis, Tenerife (IAC)
Colin S. Rosenthal, Oslo (ESMN/UiO)
Bernd Freytag, Uppsala (UU)
Boris V. Gudiksen, Oslo (UiO)
Hans-Gunter Ludwig, Lund (LU)
Åke Nordlund, Copenhagen (NBIfAFG/TAC)

Publications (37 in ADS)
In refereed journals: 17 (1998-)
In conference proceedings: 17 (1999-)
In popular science journals: 15 (1995-)
Theses: 2 (1995-)
Citations: Author-weighted, strictly non-self, non-coauthor citations (1998-2008) > 93.1
Total non-author citations: > 239 (November 2008)

Danish: 1st language
English: Fluent working language (college/high school 5 yr. level exam)
Swedish: Fluent daily-use language, reading/writing skills
German: Reading, small-talk (public school 3 yrs. level exam)
Russian: Small-talk (college/high school 3 yrs. level exam)
Greek: Small-talk (work-related experience)