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Søren Bertil Fabricius Dorch

Personal data:

 Søren Bertil Fabricius Dorch;

Academic title:
 M.Sc. in Astronomy & Ph.D. in Physics

Job title:
 "Steno" Assistant Professor (Danish Natural Science Research Council)

Work coordinates:
 +45-3532-5929, Rockefeller v006

 April 10, 1971

  Lotte Faurbæk, Ph.D.

Recent talks:

- AstroCoffee:
 The Swedish Solar Telescope(s) and Magnetic Bright Points , Oct. 5th, 1999

- Astronomer Day:
 MHD Simulations of Flux Ropes, Oct. 15th, 1999

- PDC Conference:
 Astrophysical MHD Simulation and Visualization, Dec. 17th, 1999

- ESMN Meeting in Oslo:
 MHD Projects at KVA , March 1st, 2000

- ESMN Mid-term meeting in Tenerife:
 Numerical MHD Simulations, September 30th, 2000

- Boiling Stars in Lund:
 Properties of magnetic flux prior to emergence, April 6th, 2001

- Cool Stars 12, Boulder, Colorado:
 Buoyant magnetic flux ropes and convection, July 31st, 2001 

- IAU coll. 188, Santorini:
  Modelling flux tube dynamics, June 11th, 2002  (invited talk)

- NORDITA Weekly Astro Meeting:
 A toy-model of a magnetic Betelgeuse, October 11th, 2002 

- NORDITA Weekly Astro Meeting:
 astro-ph/0302329: X-ray coronal activity in post main sequence stars, February 21th, 2003 

- NORDITA Weekly Astro Meeting:
 Stellar Magnetism: The Horseshoe catalogue, March 21th, 2003 


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