Scientific citations (May 2018) - publications are here...

Here's a list of other people's use of my scientific work. It does not including self-citations, or even co-author citations if the citing work includes a collaborator. The citation rates as given by the Figure are WEIGHTED by the number of authors on the cited work! The total number of unweighted non-author citations is usually 2-3 times higher, while the total number of non-self citation is much higher but not recorded. If you know of some work not mentioned here, please let me know! I've compiled the list primarily from the databases ISIKnowledge and ADS, but also from papers I've seen in astro-ph. For citation rates of individual papers please check the links on the publications page or the unweighted citations for selected papers.


The top left figure is an annual histogram of the weighted number of citations (again not including self- or co-author citations). The lower left figure depicts the total number of non-self/co-author citations (i.e. not weighted).



Updated by S. B. F. Dorch: May 21, 2018