...... in generall

     Whether the growth rate remains finite ("fast dynamo") or tends to zero ("slow dynamo") as R tends to infinite , is not yet settled.

     Are the stagnation points a nessecary ingredient for fast dynamos;

     Are chaos and magnetic field generation related ;

     What is the influence of the period of an ABC flow on its Dynamo action ;

     Dynamics is important

      Structures (Flux cigars, sheets, double cigars..).

      Vectors, field and stream-lines.

       Amplification mechanisms.

......for fast dynamo action

      Do fast dynamo exist?

     Can fast dynamo action be proved for various classes of flows ?

     What special properties of flows are needed for fast dynamo action ?

     What magnetic structure is typical of the fields developed by dynamo action ?

     How are the geometrical properties of flow and field linked ?

     Is it possible to formulate a theory for the perfect conductor which will decide for or against fast dynamo action  for a given flow ?