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Name: Aleksandra Borysow (current name: Aleksandra Graae Jørgensen) Title: associate professor (Danish "lektor"); visiting scientist; Permanent job: on professional leave of absence from MTU; Associate professor of physics (with tenure) at Physics Department, Michigan Technological University (MTU), Houghton, Michigan, USA. Email: AleksandraGJ, my domain is

Here is my BIBLIOGRAPHY and the list of conference contributions.

Available Fortran programs and CIA data

You can download many of my FORTRAN programs, containing models of various CIA bands of different molecular complexes.
Press here if you want to see the list of all available programs. The high temperature CIA data are also downloadable here. Please write me an e-mail if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

I graduated three Ph.D. students at MTU:
Marcin Gruszka (1996), Chunguang Zheng (1997) and Yi Fu (1998).

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