Workspace and Offices

Villa 1st floor meeting room

A discussion room, for 4-10 people

Villa basement meeting room

Another one, similar

TAC/AO meeting room

A larger meeting room, for some talks and posttalk discussions

Data Bar

For computational and graphics intensive work.

Room allocation and guide to local peoples offices:

To withdraw in solitude, for reading, emailing, etc. These rooms are mostly borrowed from people who are travelling; to be left in the exact state of mess that you found them!
Antonuccio TAC
Arhontis with Dorch
Asplund, Martin 3rd floor, 379
Brandenburg, Axel Johannes Andersen
Bundgaard 3rd floor, 379
Carlsson 3rd floor, 399
Dorch Villa
Dravins, Dainis 3rd floor, 379
Galsgaard, Klaus Michael Andersen
Gleisner, Hans guest room
Gustafsson, Bengt Johannes Andersen
Ludwig guest room
Nordlund AO-007
Padoan TAC
Rögnvaldsson TAC
Scharmer 3rd floor, 399
Skartlien 3rd floor, 399
Spruit, Henk Jens Klougart
Stein, Bob Per Kjærgaard
Thomsen, Franz Students corridor
Torkelsson, Ulf Birgitta Andersen
Trampedach, Regner AO-006

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