Workshop Dinner

The Friday dinner takes place at "Slotsherrens Kro" in Hillerød, starting at 7pm. Informal dress, please (it would be embarrassing if you were more formal than the guest of honor, wouldn't it :-?), but ties are certainly allowed. If anyone is allergic (for example to alcohol -- there is some in the sauce), or would like to have a vegetarian alternative, please let me know by Wednesday. In any case, please confirm by Wednesday noon at the latest that you will be coming to the dinner (only the most elaborate excuses for not coming will be accepted).

To get there, take the A train (I'm serious..) at 18:12 from the main station (18:18 from Nørreport). You need one grey clip, or three yellow, or four blue, each way (please coordinate --- tickets are available at the train stations). The last stop is Hillerød, where you take the 701/702 bus at 18:55 (be sure to take the one heading west --- it is the one on the right hand side of the bus refuge) and get off at "Irma/Fakta-torvet" (5th stop). Walk back towards the castle. The restaurant is immediately outside the castle, to the right of the access road. You may prefer to continue into the castle square, take a peek at the castle, and then find the small door to the restaurant in the left hand side corner of the square, relative to where you came into the square.

After the dinner, those of you who feel like continuing the party are welcome to accompany us to our house, at Stutmestervej 4, where we will all help to keep Bob awake until the night bus leaves at 03:15. Before midnight, busses are passing by at around 12-16 minutes after the hour, and connect to the A train to Copenhagen at 28 minutes past the hour. Later on you may take a taxi to the train station (trains leave at 08, 28, 48 until 0:28). There are night busses from the train station at 01:15, 02:15, and 03:15.

Last updated 06-jan-97 / Åke Nordlund,