Data Access

You are welcome to export / import data over the net to our computer system. You have a limited disk quota under you home dir, and a dir under /b that is limited only by the total size (currently 43 Gb). This is a RAID system located on the 4-CPU UltraSparc 4000 host, with an I/O speed of about 8-16 Mb/s. There is a node locked IDL license on ursa, and a limited number (14 for all of KU physics) of floating licenses on other hosts here. Please use preferentially the node locked IDL.

We have a number of SGI workstations in a data bar in the basement (one Power Indigo^2, five Indys, and six O^2 that are just about to be installed). "corona" is the fastest graphics machine (Extreme graphics option), but the software graphics on the new O^2s is about as fast (at 1/10th of the price !-). The O^2s will have NAG Explorer 3.5 installed ("cygnus" has it installed and running).

Last updated 06-jan-97 / Åke Nordlund,