Sample Convection Data

The directories below contain sample data from simulations of near-solar-surface convection. The data are stored in a private format, in horizontal slices with 8-bits of precision in the fluctuations. These files should be explicitly downloaded (use Shift-click in Netscape) rather than displayed.
Here is an IDL i/o procedure to read the data with, and an example procedure that calls it.
A selected sample of horizontal slices, from an original data cube of size 12x12x9 Mm, with 128x128x105 points. Data cube size 6x6x3 Mm, with 125x125x82 points.
If you intend to use this data, please send me a note at, indicating how you intend to use it, and what (possibly joint) publications that may come out of it.
Last updated: 04-jan-96