René Michelsen

Master´s thesis:

Comparison of a numerical and a semi-analytic second order method applied on the Earth-Moon-Sun problem (1997)


The purpose of the present treatment is to establish a semi-analytic theory for the Earth-Moon-Sun problem that can be used for monitoring the long time influence of the Moon on the Earth-Moon barycenter. The basis of the semi-analytic theory will very much resemble the considerations made by Delaunay, but signicant differences will appear, especially the application of computers, a tool that was not available to Delaunay.

The theoretical basis of the semi-analytic theory will be discussed in chapter 2. In chapter 3 a direct numerical integration and frequency analysis will be performed, serving as a reference theory for the semi-analytic theory. Chapter 4 will finally discuss the numerical part of the semi- analytic theory, and the semi-analytic solution thus obtained will be compared with the direct numerical solution.

Download the Master's thesis here: michelsen_master.pdf

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