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5.7 The Final HydraI Global Photometric Parameters

The global photometric parameters in Gunn r are given in Table [*]. The global photometric parameters in Johnson B and Johnson U, including the effective colors, are given in Table [*]. For galaxies observed more than once, the unweighted mean values are given. Likewise, the unweighted mean values of the uncertainties are given, calculated from the usual propagation of errors formula. Recall, that the internal uncertainties are too low for ${\log{r_{\rm e}}}$, ${{< \hspace{-3pt} \mu \hspace{-3pt}>}_{\rm e}}$, and ${\varepsilon_{\rm e}}$, as shown in the internal comparison, Sect. [*] (p. [*]).

The total magnitudes are not listed in the tables. They can be calculated as ${m_{\rm T}}= {{< \hspace{-3pt} \mu \hspace{-3pt}>}_{\rm e}}-5 \log {r_{\rm e}}-2.5 \log 2 \pi$.

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Properties of E and S0 Galaxies in the Clusters HydraI and Coma
Master's Thesis, University of Copenhagen, July 1997

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