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Field 33

Offset plots: Figure [*]. Offset diagrams: Figure [*]. 1 overlap was studied: field 33 night 1 - field 33 night 4.

A strange phenomenon can be observed in the JB offset plot: m1-m2 is not constant with m1, it decreases with increasing m1. If the y-axis had been extended, this would be even more clear. The sky determination in both images was checked and was found to be OK. The phenomenon may either be related to fat zero at low levels (both images have low background levels), or related to the 2 images being stacked from several (2 or 4) shorter exposures. In any case, the bright stars are believed to not be significantly influenced by this.

  \begin{figure}% latex2html id marker 23297\makebox[\textwidth]{
...ffset plots, field 33.
The galaxy (seen to the very left) is R317.

  \begin{figure}% latex2html id marker 23303\makebox[\textwidth]{
\caption[Offset diagrams, field 33]
Offset diagrams, field 33.

Properties of E and S0 Galaxies in the Clusters HydraI and Coma
Master's Thesis, University of Copenhagen, July 1997

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