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                                "Pallas Iron - Russia's first meteorite"

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January 2017: photos from Siberia, September 2016

May 2016: posted scans of Widmanstaetten pattern in meteorite Vaca Muerta.

May 2016: posted reproductions of three of Albert Operti's paintings from Meteorite Island, Greenland: a, b, c

April 2016: posted photographs of a recently sliced 33-kg sample of the mesosiderite Vaca Muerta: a, b, c, d

January 2016: posted three photographs from Paornartorssuaq 1992 a, b, c

September 2015: extracted report on North Sea tsunami, June 5, 1858

June 2013: published the paper: The pseudometeorite Angara

November 2013: produced the first 3D-copy of a sample of the pallasite Krasnojarsk

July 2012: published the book: Road-map to the Indian's treasure - on the Chilean meteorite Vaca Muerta and its early mistake for silver - with numerous color Figures.