Alfred Wegener and Johannes Georgi

CONTRAILS: Johannes Georgi was the first scientist to observe in 1960 a jet contrail widening into a band of cirrus. Read more on contrails

I have just identified an original document written by one of the participants in Alfred Wegener's expedition to Greenland in 1930. The 20-page typewritten document seems to correspond to a slide-illustrated talk given in Dublin, in 1953. It refers in several places to Alfred Wegener's unfortunate death on the icecap. The author is not identified, but the text reveals him as a meteorologist and the discoverer of the jet-stream phenomenon (said to by published in Zeitsch.f.Geoph.). Accordingly, he must be Johannes Georgi, who has described the travel in the book "Im Eis vergraben", 1933 (new edition 1957), translated 1934 into English: "Mid-Ice. The Story of the Wegener Expedition to Greenland". Johannes Georgi also made one of the first observations of a jet airplane contrail expanding into a vast sheet of cirrus ( 1960, Z.Met. 14, p.102).

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Revised 2000 January 22