X-ray Cosmology: New light on structure formation

Investigating fundamental aspects of the formation of stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies through X-ray observations and theoretical studies.

Gamma ray bursts
Gamma ray bursts are the most violent explosions in the Universe. The X-ray "afterglow" following the prompt gamma ray emission is a unique tool for studying the explosion itself as well as physical properties of surrounding gas.

Clusters of galaxies
Most of the luminous matter in the Universe is in hot, X-ray emitting intergalactic plasma. X-ray studies provides an invaluable means for mapping the internal structure of clusters and the overall history of Cosmic baryons.

Galaxy formation N-body/hydrodynamical models in conjunction with X-ray observations are used to constrain models for the assembly of spiral galaxies like the Milky Way.

Version: October 15 2002