X-ray Cosmology News

December 22, 2003
Celestial Illumination: The X-Ray Glow From An Exploded Star

December 15, 2003
Has ESA's XMM-Newton cast doubt over dark energy?

December 15, 2003
X-ray view of the Red Planet

December 10, 2003
Trail of Black Holes and Neutron Stars Points to Ancient Collision

November 17, 2003
Distant X-Ray Jet Probes Relic Big Bang Radiation

November 13, 2003
ESA's new view of the Milky Way - in gamma rays!

November 13, 2003
Despite Appearances, Cosmic Explosions Have Common Origin, Astronomers Discover

November 10, 2003
Chandra X-Ray Observatory Vision Getting Blurred By Grease

October 29, 2003
NGC 1637: What Lies Beneath

October 24, 2003
JEM-X: Første år i rummet

October 20, 2003
Europe's Integral spacecraft discovers hidden black holes

October 17, 2003
The Crescent Nebula (NGC 6888): Live Fast, Blow Hard and Die Young

October 2, 2003
Cluster's Gain is Galaxy's Loss

September 30, 2003
Did A Gamma-Ray Burst Devastate Life On Earth?

September 19, 2003
Gamma-ray bursts: are we safe?

September 18, 2003
Chandra Marks Four Years Of X-Raying The Universe

September 18, 2003
"Iron-Clad" Evidence For Spinning Black Hole

September 17, 2003
Cosmic X-ray flashes reveal their distance

September 16, 2003
Lunar Prospecting With Chandra

September 12, 2003
Scientist To Oppose Prevailing Theory About Gamma Ray Bursts

September 12, 2003
Dark Gamma-ray Bursts Mystery Speeds Up

September 9, 2003
Chandra "Hears" A Black Hole: Solution to cooling flow problem?

September 8, 2003
'Cannonball pulsar' seen flying across space

September 8, 2003
Cosmologists To Plot Strategy For Dark Energy Research Campaign

September 5, 2003
NGC 4438 & NGC 4435: Galactic Fender-Bender In Virgo

August 29, 2003
Top Ten for Chandra's Fourth

August 29, 2003
The Chandra X-Ray Observatory funded for 10-year period

August 18, 2003
Biggest explosions may propel fastest cosmic rays

August 18, 2003
X-rays from Earth

August 15, 2003
Amateur locates powerful stellar explosion before pros

August 15, 2003
"X-ray Champagne Flow" Uncorked in Horseshoe Nebula

August 7, 2003
Many gamma-ray bursts go undetected

July 31, 2003
X-Ray Binaries In Globular Clusters: NGC 6266 & NGC 7099 Close Encounters Of The Stellar Kind

July 23, 2003
NGC 1068: Wind and Reflections from a Black Hole

July 23, 2003
XMM LSS ESO press release

July 3, 2003
Einstein's gravitational waves may set speed limit for pulsar spin

July 1, 2003
Vela Pulsar Jet: Firehose-Like Jet Observed In Action

June 25, 2003
'Rosetta stone' decodes gamma-ray burst mystery

June 20, 2003
Major Milestones In X-ray Astronomy

June 20, 2003
GOODS Chandra Deep Fields: The Secret Lives Of Galaxies Unveiled In Deep Survey

June 13, 2003
ESA's XMM-Newton makes the first measurement of a neutron star's magnetism

June 13, 2003
Abell 2029: Hot News for Cold Dark Matter

June 13, 2003
Comet X-ray emissions simulated in laboratory

May 30, 2003
NR 0103-72.6: Chandra Finds Rich Oxygen Supply Inside Glowing Ring

May 30, 2003
TW Hydrae and HD 98800A: Chandra Adds to Story of the Way We Were

May 29, 2003
RHESSI's lucky break may lead to secret of ultimate explosions

May 21, 2003
4C41.17 and 3C294: New View of Biggest Construction Sites in Universe

May 9, 2003
Stephan's Quintet: Intruder Galaxy Shocks Tightly-Knit Group

May 2, 2003
BeppoSAX takes the plunge

April 24, 2003
Centaurus A Jet: Energetic Jet Meets Resistance In Nearby Galaxy

April 22, 2003
X-Rays Found From a Lightweight Brown Dwarf

April 14, 2003
It's a Supernova

April 14, 2003
X-rays chart the wakes of supersonic galaxies

April 2, 2003
One of closest and brightest gamma ray bursts detected

April, 1, 2003
A gamma-ray burst bonanza

April 1, 2003
Chandra Sees Shape of Universe During Formative, Adolescent Years

March 27, 2003
Perseus hoben studeres af INTEGRAL.

March 27, 2003
Doomed Matter Near Black Hole Gets Second Lease on Life

March 26, 2003
GRB 020813: Cosmic Forensics Confirms Gamma-ray Burst/Supernova Connection

March 26, 2003
Race to gamma-ray burst reveals gigantic explosion, death and birth

March 13, 2003
DEM L71: Supernova Origin Revealed

March 3, 2003
B1957+20 (Black Widow Pulsar): A Cocoon Found Inside the Black Widow's Web

February 24, 2003
Short and long gamma-ray bursts different to the core

February 20, 2003
Superwind Sculpts Filamentary Features

January 7, 2003
NASA's CHIPS mission will study the million degree gas in the interstellar medium

January 7, 2003
NASA's CHIPS mission will study the million degree gas in the interstellar medium

January 23, 2003
X-rays Reveal Nature of Spiral Galaxy's Boisterous Activity

January 2, 2003

January 2 2003
Giant X-Ray Disk Sheds Light On Galactic Merger

19. December 2002
Integral's first look at the gamma-ray Universe

19. December 2002
Young Star Cluster Found Aglow With Mysterious X-Ray Cloud

19. December 2002
Nobel-vinder trak fulde huse

6. December 2002
Dansk astrofysiker får EUs Descartes pris
Se også Ingeniøren|net's historie

29. November 2002
X-ray Glow From Clusters Of Galaxies Confirms Evidence Of Missing Matter

20. November 2002
Never Before Seen: Two Supermassive Black Holes in Same Galaxy

12. November 2002
Mars Glows In X-Rays

7. November 2002
Exotc innards of a neutron star revealed in a series of explosions.

1. November 2002
The most energetic radiation from the Universe

28. October 2002
Chandra Casts Cloud On Alternative To Dark Matter

4. October 2002

4. October 2002
XTE J1550-564: Chandra Tracks Evolution Of X-Ray Jets

20. September 2002
Crab Nebula Movie: Space Movie Reveals Shocking Secrets of the Crab Pulsar

16. September 2002
Chandra Finds Surprising Black Hole Activity In Galaxy Cluster.

20. August 2002
Bulk Source Of Universe's Gamma Rays Identified, Scientists Say.

1. August 2002
Hot Intergalactic Gas: Chandra Discovers "Rivers Of Gravity" That Define Cosmic Landscape

25. July 2002
Is the Universe older than expected?

24. July 2002
Dwarf Galaxy Gives Universe A Breath of Fresh Oxygen

10. June 2002
1E 1207.4-5209: X-rays Probe Gravitational Field Of A Neutron Star

6. June 2002
Black Holes in Elliptical Galaxy Point to Wild Youth

3. June 2002
Gamma-Ray Burst Mystery Solved: Exploding Stars The Culprit
Secrets shared of Chandra's darkness-dodging orbit

14. May 2002
Arp 270: Merging Galaxies And Cosmic Collisions

24. April 2002
Astronomers link X-ray flashes to gamma-ray bursts
When Worlds Collide: Chandra Observes Titanic Merger

11. April 2002
RX J1856.5-3754 and 3C58: Cosmic X-rays May Reveal New Form of Matter

8. April 2002
Coma Cluster: Gas Clouds Strike A Delicate Balance

4. April 2002
ESA's X-ray space telescope proves supernova can cause mysterious gamma-ray bursts

2. April 2002
INTEGRAL Science Data Centre to be presented to the press

2. April 2002
Chandra Finds Well-Established Black Holes In Distant Quasars

18. March 2002
Quasar Pair Q2345+007A,B: Twin Quasars Tango And It's No Mirage

28. February 2002
Jupiter Hot Spot Makes Trouble For Theory.

13. February 2002
XMM-Newton Observations of SN 2002 ap.

1. February 2002
Centaurus Cluster of Galaxies: Vast Hot Gas Plume May Be A Passing Attraction.

22. January 2002
"Local" gamma ray bursts may solve a mystery or two.

15. January 2002
A new way to find distance of gamma-ray bursts.

10. January 2002
Chandra Takes In The Bright Lights, Big City Of The Milky Way.

8. January 2002
Chandra Finds Ghosts Of Eruption In Galaxy Cluster.

21. December 2001
Mars Odyssey joins in IPN.

20. December 2001
Hot Galactic Arms Point To Vicious Cycle.

4. December 2001
X-ray Astronomy helps advanced medical diagnosis techniques.
BeppoSAX Resumes Operation Without Gyros.

3. December 2001
Chandra Captures Venus In A Whole New Light.

13. November 2001
First orphan afterglow of unseen gamma burst.

9. November 2001
HETE-2 has detected first gamma ray burst.

29. October 2001
IBIS imager on INTEGRAL tested on ground.

24. October 2001
Black hole monster in a spin releases energy!

22. October 2001
CZT detector for SWIFT delivered.
X-ray Emissions Detected From Elusive Cosmic Objects.

17. October 2001
Closer Look Reveals Andromeda's Black Hole Not As "Cool" As Believed.

27. September 2001
M87: Chandra Sheds Light on the Knotty Problem of the M87 Jet

17. September 2001
Young Pulsar Reveals Clues to Supernova.

10. September 2001
Accurate mapping of dark matter in galaxy clusters.
Sort hul i Mælkevejens centrum "fanget", mens det sluger stof.

14. August 2001
Astronomers Go Behind The Milky Way To Solve X-Ray Mystery.

8. August 2001
Chandra's 2 years birthday.
Chandra spies spectacular jet in Centaurus A.

6. August 2001
XMM-Newton spots X-ray emission from the jets of infant stars.
ESA's INTEGRAL gamma ray satellite ready for environmental and systems testing.

20. July 2001
Chandra detects halo of hot gas around edge on spiral NGC 4631.
US has decided to join Astro-E2.

16. July 2001
Gamma-ray bursts caused by electromagnetic black holes?

21. June 2001
Striking ultraviolet images from XMM-Newton: Extreme stellar activity and the supermassive black hole in M81.

18. June 2001
XMM-Newton pin-points pulsar in IC443 supernova remnant.

11. June 2001
First hard X-ray images of the Crab from the HERO experimental telescope.
XMM-Newton study of M31.

7. June 2001
Discovery of X-ray halo around star cluster in center of Milky Way.

6. June 2001
Periodicity of X-ray emisson from neutron stars and black holes revealed.
Chandra sees massive black holes in star burst galaxies.

14. May 2001
Flickering of X-rays from black holes explained.

9. May 2001
Multi-wavelength observations of black hole show edge of its accretion disk.

1. May 2001
RXTE observations show that black hole rotates.

17. April 2001
XEUS: ESA's next generation X-ray observatory.

5. April 2001
Gamma ray bursts may originate in star-forming regions.

22. March 2001
Comet McNaught-Hartley studied by XMM-Newton.

19. March 2001
Chandra Deep Field South: Deepest X-ray study ever.

7. March 2001
Chandra observes galaxy group HCG 62.

5. March 2001
XMM-Newton teams improving observing efficiency and data distribution.
XMM-Newton spectra of sources in Lockman Hole.

28. February 2001
NEAR's gamma-ray spectrometer will clarify whether or not Eros is a planetesimal.

17. February 2001
Most distant X-ray galaxy cluster found by Chandra.

12. February 2001
HETE-2 gamma ray burst mission operational.

7. February 2001
Discovery of radio arcs in Abell 3667 from merging.

29. January 2001
The starburst galaxy NGC 253 studied by XMM-Newton.

12. January 2001
Chandra and HST see matter falling into black holes.

11. January 2001
Chandra identifies pulsar originating from supernova 386 AD recorded by Chinese observers.

19. December 2000
XMM-Newton discovers truly diffuse emission in M31.

15. December 2000
Black holes said younger, meaner and more plentiful.

7. December 2000
High-lights of science results from XMM-Newtons first year in space.

5. December 2000
Chandra observes cooling wake in A1795.

4. December 2000
XMM-Newton observe most distant quasar: Very faint in X-rays.

27. November 2000
Short and long gamma ray bursts are of different origin.

24. November 2000
ESA press conference: XMM-Newtons firtst year in space.

23. November 2000
Danish high school students visiting the XMM-Newton Science Operations Center in Vilspa, Spain (in Danish).

16. November 2000
The Spectrum-Røntgen-Gamma and Integral missions are first priority of Russia's unmanned space program.

16. November 2000
Moriond conference 2001 on X-ray cosmology.

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