Simulations of 10 ksec XMM "blank fields".

We have simulated 10 ksec "blank field" pn+MOS exposures, i.e. devoid of nearby bright sources, using SciSim v3.0.0 with the XMM Current Calibration Files as of Dec 11, 2001.

General image properties

A full description of the simulation setup is provided in astro-ph/0202022.

Extended source input

The simulations have been run with two different sets of extended source input:
  • Set 1: Based on Press-Schechter prescription.

  • Set 2: Based on N-body simulation.
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Each downloadable package contains:

  • FITS images pertaining to the EPIC pn, MOS1, and MOS2 instruments, produced in two energy bands.

  • a source field FITS file for visual comparison with the above.

  • exposure maps.

  • a list of source properties, including sky positions and fluxes.

  • a README file describing the data products.

Set 1




Source list

Set 2

12 fiducial clusters

Set A

Set A, attitude files

Set A, source list

More simulation products will be added soon!


Every image file can be freely downloaded and used for whatever purposes. If using these images as a basis for scientific publications, please include the following reference:

J. Rasmussen, K. Pedersen & M. Götz 2002:
"Source Detection in Simulated XMM-Newton Observations"
to appear in Proceedings of "New Visions of the X-ray Universe in the XMM-Newton and Chandra Era", ESA SP-488, ed. F. Jansen.


We appreciate comments or suggestions on these simulations - as well as requests for other specific simulations. We are mainly interested in detection of extended sources, but welcome collaboration on other issues as well.

Last update: December 1, 2005. Kristian Pedersen.
Contact: Jesper Rasmussen or Kristian Pedersen