VRML viewing

Viewing VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) files from the web requires that the browser has a VRML plug-in. At NBIfAFG/AO you can use "netscape &" on an SGI host (e.g. altair or atlas), which have the CosmoPlayer plug-in.

On leo there is a VRML viewer vrmlview, but ultimately it relies on the X-display server, so it may or may not work, depending on where you are sitting. It appears to work if the X-display is for example XWin32 under Windows, but not on the SunRay terminals in the 061 data bar (use Netscape on an SGI host if you are sitting there).

At home, from Windows, the best options is the Cortona plugin, which may be found through the links below. To view VRML from Linux you will have to install one of the viewers, for example vrmlview (this requires some Linux skills).

A nice test is to view the Mars Pathfinder mission site.

VRML plugins

Because of some confusion and changes of ownership of software it may be difficult to find plugins to VRML through normal channels. Here are some links that may be useful (please use the email link at the bottom of the page if you find that any of the links here need to be updated or removed).

VRML material may be produced with applications such as the NAG / IRIS Explorer and Open Visualization Data Explorer.

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