Åke Nordlund (CV)

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 * Research
 * Teaching
  • Computer Physics (spring semesters)
  • Mat-F (spring 2005)
  • Star and Planet Formation (A401, spring 2004)
  • ISM, Star Formation & GRBs (A401, spring 2002)
  • Numerical Astrophysics, IAC, Tenerife (May 2001)
  • Numerical Astrophysics 2000 (spring 2000)
  • Methods for 3D Simulations (spring 1998)
  • Relativistic Dynamics and Visualization (spring 1996)
  • 3D Dynamics and Visualization (spring 1994)
  • Bachelor project proposals
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General Astronomy
Solar Physics


Job description:

I lead the Computational Astrophysics group at the Niels Bohr Institute (NBI). I teach a course in Computer Physics each fall, and also give other courses related to Numerical Astrophysics. I am a member of Danish Astronomy Board (Astronomisk Udvalg), the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters, and the Swedish Royal Academy of Science.

I am supervising, and have supervised a number of post docs, PhD and Masters students: Gisela Baumann, Anders Lagerfjärd, Tobias Heinemann, Jacob Trier Fredriksen, Troels Haugbølle, Christian Hededal, Antonio Lopez Merino, Jakob Hunsballe, Boris Gudiksen, Rasmus Bjørk, Martin Fruergaard Laursen, Ossi Røgnvaldsson, Paolo Padoan, Bertil Dorch, Klaus Galsgaard. Uffe Graae-Jørgensen. Klaus Galsgard finished his PhD in 1995, has worked in St. Andrews for seven years, was a Carlsberg post doc at AO, and now has a permanent position as associate professor at the NBI. Bertil Dorch finished his PhD in December 1998, was a post doc at Stockholm Observatory, and is now employed at DNLB, with part time research in the group as an adjoint associate professor. Paolo Padoan finished his PhD in October 1997, has been a post doc at Harvard and JPL, faculty at UCSD, and is moving to Barcelona. Hans-Gunter Ludwig, Bernd Freitag, and Lionel Bigot have been visiting as TMR post docs.

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